Must See Australia

Australia! The name fills our mind with dazzling sands, blue oceans,
water sports, mouth watering sea food, bustling nightlife and flora and fauna
that has the potential to mesmerize you. It is a perfect location to
reinvigorate and relax after you’ve dealt with the dramas at home (like finding a San Francisco CA
The city is a perfect vacation spot and is mostly
covered with bright sunny weather around the year, except the duration from
June to August when one can experience the cold winds. A low crime rate is
another plus in making the place an ideal travel destination.

During your Australia trip planning, make sure to include the following places
in your journey to live through these amusing places.

Sydney: the city is beautiful and engaging due its outlook and is one of the
most favorable places to stay in Australia. The city is captivating and
peculiar because of Sydney harbor, Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney opera house.
Bondi, Whale and Manly beaches are perfect for sidewalks and surfing the ocean.
One can commute between these beaches while enjoying the ferry ride. Other
attractions include the Blue Mountains and the Royal National Park.

Melbourne: a coastal drive connects you from Sydney to Melbourne, which is yet
another impressive place in Australia. The city is particularly known for the
food stalls lined up in the city to take your tongue to roller coaster ride.
One can also enjoy the free bus ride that honors you to see a majority of
places of interest. If you are an animal lover, the city gives you an
opportunity to watch the birds and whales and you may also get a chance to feed
kangaroos. The location is favorable for those looking for peace and

Coastal drive from Sydney to Melbourne: well not the just the ends, the drive
itself is also an amazing experience. This south east coast is best for people
who love to stay away from crowd and gatherings. Wollongong, Jervish bay,
Narooma, Eden, Pebbly beach, Merimbula, Lakes entrance are some of the popular
places one must stop by on this coastal drive from Sydney to Melbourne. The
Booderee, Murramurang and Ben Boyd national parks are among the best national
parks on this drive that allow you to enjoy surfing and sidewalks.

Fraser Island: this island is exclusive and is the largest sand island on the
face of earth. The island is special because of the sand dunes or sand bows,
its rainforests spread across miles, and freshwater lakes about 200 in number.
Champagne pools, Lake McKenzie, Maheno beach are worth mentioning. The
picturesque sites are captivating and breathe taking. One can also spot dingos
during their short stay in Fraser Island.

With these places on your list, your trip to Australia is a hit, and one need
not worry about accommodation in Australia, as you can easily find chains of
hotels even if you didn’t make any prior reservations. To experience these
places it is must to ensure that your passport and visas are valid plus you
fulfill all the required conditions.


Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and
with its immense diversity. There is something to see for everyone. People
frequently ask to see some of the more popular animals of this land, such as
kangaroos and koala bears. Just be aware that though they appear cute and
cuddly on TV, they are still wild animals and should not be approached if seen.

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