Must See South America

South America is
located in the southern continent of Americas and is bordered by Pacific Ocean,
Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. South America is a great travel
destination and has numerous beautiful places to visit

South America hosts some amazing places to see. The Amazon and the Galapagos
Islands, for example, are household names across the world. While one is
unlikely to be taken by a killer whale or giant seal, it’s best to have some
Travel Insurance for your trip.

Below Are Must see places to travel to in South America

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

These islands, right off the coast of Ecuador, are well known for their unique
animals. These local beings were made famous by Charles Darwin, who, after his
visit here and observations of the unique features of local wildlife, developed
his theory of evolution.

Many animals that inhabit the Galapagos Islands can only be found in this part
of the world. The islands are also volcanic, making the region all the more
dramatic.The ecological importance of the region is evidenced by the fact that
the region has been a protected national park since 1959. The Galapagos Islands
are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourism is regulated and restricted to
ensure the ongoing survival of these spectacular islands and their inhabitants.
Unique Iguanas and sea lions can be spotted here, among others.

The Amazon

The Amazon can refer to the Amazon Rainforest, and also the Amazon river, the
huge tributary that runs through the rainforest. Sadly, the headlines that one
often hears about the Amazon are in regards to the large amount of
deforestation that continues to occur. The importance of the Amazon can be seen
via estimates that half the world’s plant and animal species originate here. It
is also known as the “Lungs of the Earth.”

The Amazon spans Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru, and its sheer size has many
believing that there are still flora and fauna species within the Amazon that
are yet to be discovered. Those visiting the Amazon might hope to see sloths,
tapirs, eagles, monkeys, toucans, and jaguars.

Pantanal, Brazil

This huge natural region, about the size of France, is situated predominantly
in western Brazil, but also spills into Bolivia and Paraguay. The Pantanal
becomes the world’s biggest inland swamp following the annual wet season. While
trekking in the area, one can expect to come across many interesting animals.
One such animal is the capybara, which is the world largest rodent, and about
the size of a medium sized dog. Giant ant eaters are also an amazing sight.
Alligators, monkeys and a range of birds inhabit the area, and if one is
extremely lucky, you might even spot a jaguar.


The amazing natural ice shelves of Patagonia are a sight to behold. In addition
to the natural beauty of the area, Peninsula Valdes in Patagonia, Argentina
also hosts an array of wildlife.

The South American continent spans a huge distance from north to south, and
throws up a range of wildlife spotting possibilities across this region. From
the teeming wildlife of the Galapagos Islands in the north to the whales, sea
lions, seals and penguins of cooler Patagonia in the south, there is something
for everyone. Cheap Travel Insurance will look after you, as you search out
these amazing beasts.




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